Success Stories

Client success stories that cover some common questions, problems and solutions we discuss with clients.


Emily is in her late 20s and was just promoted to sales manager. She is making more money with the new role and cash is starting to pile up in her savings account. Though the pay is good, Emily is now facing the realization that time is very valuable and there simply isn’t enough of it in her new role. Her non work activities include painting, live music, hiking and traveling to visit family and friends. Being in a new position of leadership, Emily loves delegating and collaborating with others at work. Crushing goals and leading gives her purpose and empowerment.

We put together a plan that took into account Emily’s uneven income while still allowing her to grow and invest her money for her future financially independent years.

We discussed lifestyle creep and how it’s easy to continue to spend more when you begin to make more money. A plan was put into place that allows Emily to spend guilt free while still giving her the ability to save for tomorrow.

We discussed the pros and cons of continuing to hold her RSUs. They ended up settling on a plan that balances having a diversified portfolio while still participating in her company’s success.

Maria and David

Maria and David have been married for about a year. Maria is on year 2 of her 4 year internal medicine residency at the local hospital. Maria spends many hours at the hospital and she wishes she had more time to enjoy her hobbies: pilates and volunteering at her local food bank. David works as a program manager for a start up that just received their series C funding. Maria and David realize that time is quickly becoming their most valuable asset. They both romanticize over the ‘old days’ when they were both dating and had all the time in the world for each other. With both of their careers taking up more and more time, they know they don’t have time to accomplish everything and need help completing tasks and making sure they both are on the right (and same!) path in their financial lives.

Jeff put together options to pay down the student loans Maria has from medical school and went through the tradeoff of focusing on saving and investing. The result was a realistic plan that balanced saving with paying down debt.

David and Jeff discussed the impact of this stock options and different strategies that balance risk management, taxes, and their overall financial goals. A plan was put in place that balanced the risk of a large concentrated position with a diversified portfolio.

Jeff, Maria, and David discussed a plan that protected both of their futures in a reasonable manner: increased life insurance, updated beneficiaries, and a trust and will.

frank and gustav

Frank and Gustav have been married for about 8 years. They have a 2 year old child they adopted last year and are hoping to adopt another in the short future. Frank has been working as an HR manager for a large fortune 500 company for about 3 years. Frank loves his job, but it requires a lot of time and energy; making life at home a bit stressful. Time with Gustav and their kids is important to him and he would like more time to focus on them and less on personal finance when at home. Gustav just recently made the switch from corporate employee to solo entrepreneur. He quit his corporate job about 6 months ago and is focused on building a consulting company. Gustav quickly learned that running your own business is an incredibly difficult endeavor. He is learning new skills on the fly and having to constantly switch gears. Gustav loves to travel with Frank, hike, and tinker around with his electronics at home.

We laid out a cash flow plan that allowed Frank and Gustav to ‘autopilot’ their savings, allowing them to spend guilt free.

Jeff discussed the advantages of college savings accounts and put together a plan that balanced saving for college with saving for their work optional years.

Jeff and Gustav discussed the different retirement account options for self employed individuals and put together a plan that gave Gustav liquidity while still saving for their future.