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Let's determine the best service that solves your current challenges! Our services are structured to guide you to financial success!

Investment guidance for households needing a structured and disciplined approach to their investments

Comprehensive financial planning for whose needing a personal CFO with the knowledge and skills to guide them to financial success

Investment Management

An investment portfolio without a goal is like sailing a rudderless ship. At Branson Financial Planning, your ship will have financial direction with concrete goals and purpose. Your goals based portfolio is then constructed using resources and research provided by world renowned asset managers and customized based on your individualized needs. This is not a ‘set it and forget’ strategy: your portfolio will be continuously monitored to ensure your investments are working properly for your financial success. Collaboration is key and will be done quarterly in virtual meetings to ensure your investments are working exactly as intended. You can always reach out to us if something comes up between then.


Our investment management fees are based on an assets under management basis ranging from 0.55% to 1.25% annually and are dependent on asset size. Accounts are billed directly and quarterly. Discounts offered to households combining Investment Management services with Comprehensive Planning.

Services Included

→Professionally In-house managed investment portfolio
→Investment screening and selection
→Personalized portfolio suited to your goals and needs
→Tax efficient re-balancing
→Quarterly performance reporting
→Quarterly virtual calls to review progress
→Hedging and low volatility strategies to decrease risk
→Unlimited support: call or email us any time
→Competitive and transparent fee-only structure

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Comprehensive Planning

A successful financial journey requires quick and nimble adjustments to thwart life’s consistent inconsistencies. The Branson Financial Planning comprehensive financial planning services act as your personal CFO and guide to make the adjustments with you. Your journey begins by assessing your currents state: Goals, objectives, and dreams are discussed in depth. We’ll begin to build your road map to financial success taking into account your personalized preferences. Once a plan is agreed upon, we’ll work diligently to ensure you’re always pointed in the right direction. Constant communication and collaboration are vital to ensure your road map is up to date. Meetings are done quarterly on a mainly virtual basis. As always, we’re a phone call or email away between quarterly meetings to tackle any challenges along the way.


Flat and Transparent. An upfront fee starting at $400. Our monthly fees for comprehensive planning start at $50/month. Comprehensive Planning fees are discounted if bundled with Investment Management services.

Services Included

→Cash flow based financial planning (top priority for financial success)
→Access to collaborative advanced planning financial portal
→Goal planning: summarize core values and top priorities
→Budgeting and cash flow assessment: current spending, existing debt, and current income streams
→Retirement and scenario planning: Current and ‘what if’ scenarios to explore options
→Investment analysis: Review and analysis of any outside held investments
→Tax strategies: Review tax returns and other opportunities to lower tax bill
→Employee benefit maximization: retirement plans, life and health insurance, and stock options
→Insurance review: Life, disability, and long-term care
→Estate planning: Beneficiary review, optimize titling of assets, and charitable gifting strategies
→Quarterly reviews to track and monitor progress

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