Cashflow Planning: Money going in, money going out. We’ll put together a plan that finds the right balance of living for today while saving for tomorrow.

Investments: Stocks, bonds, crypto, you name it. We’ll incorporate it all into your plan. We’ll work together to ensure you investments are aligned to your goals whether you manage your own investments or we’re managing for you.

College Savings: College is expensive. The earlier you build a plan, the better. We’ll walk through different options and lay out a plan to cover any college expenses. 

Taxes: Taxes are most likely your biggest expense in your life. A properly executed plan can save thousands over your life. We’ll work together to make sure taxes are properly accounted for. 

Estate Planning: Estate planning isn’t for you, it’s for your heirs. While discussing mortality is not always fun, it’s important to ensure your heirs are taken care of. We’ll put together an estate plan customized to your exact needs.

Employee Benefits: 401k? HSA? life insurance? We’ll review your full benefit plan to ensure you’re taking advantage of every benefit your employer is offering.

Insurance: Life, disability, long term care, and property and casualty. Let’s review your current coverage to ensure your covered properly. 

Equity Compensation: Equity compensation brings its own world of complexity and planning. Especially with stock options. We’ll integrate your stock comp, taxes, and investments to ensure they’re integrating properly.