Why invest with us?

You have many options with investing your money. Why invest with us?

Plan Integration

We will integrate your investments with your financial plan. More specifically we manage your investments tax efficiently and ensure that your investments are aligned with your financial independence planning.

Time Constraints

Managing investments can be time-consuming, particularly for individuals who have busy schedules. By utilizing our investment management services, investors can delegate the day-to-day management of their investments to a trusted professional.

Professional Management

Put simply: this is what we do. We're trained and experienced in managing investments. By utilizing our expertise, you can benefit from a customized investment strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

Experience your money with Altruist

Altruist is an award winning investment platform that we will utilize to manage your investments. Altruist works exclusively with financial professionals and has a stellar user interface and design to help you experience your money confidently.

3% Advisor Alpha

The Vanguard Advisor Alpha study showed the value added from utilizing a financial professional can add up to 3% per year from various activities.

Investment Philosophy

Markets are resilient

The markets have survived and persevered through multiple world wards, pandemics, and global recessions. While shorter term volatility will always be here, it's important to have the belief that the market will pull through when times seen hard. 

Time IN the market beats timING the market

We are not 'market timers' or 'stock pickers'. We believe that a diligent long term focus will bring success to an investment plan.

Asset LOCATION drives taxes

Zooming out from asset allocation, asset location has to do with the type of account your money is invested in: pretax, tax-free, and taxable. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages and we are HUGE believers that an early strategy on asset location will have a huge impact on your taxes now and especially later in life. 

Keep costs low

Mutual funds and ETFs come with underlying costs, generally called expense ratios. We are believers that an efficient portfolio is built through core holdings of low cost index funds. 

Diversify your investments

Considerable research will show that a diversified portfolio decreases risk and increases your returns. We believe that a globally diversified portfolio across multiple assets classes is the most prudent way to achieve long term success.

Asset ALLOCATION primarily drives returns

Your asset allocation determines the mix of stocks, bonds, cash, alternatives and other assets in your portfolio. This is the primary driver of the returns in your portfolio and we believe your asset allocation should be aligned with your goals and objectives.

Avoid investment fads

Staying true to diversification means avoiding fads and general market noise. We are big believers in controlling what YOU can control and not succumbing to the hype the market media brings.

Faith in the future

Last but definitely not least, you have to have faith in the future. It's ok to think pessimistically during hard times, but we believe it's imperative to have long term faith that the market will continue to deliver positive returns.