how we'll work together

Phase 1: Get to know you

Phase 1 is the discovery process to ensure our skills, epertise, and planning advice aligns with your goals, objectives and expectations. All meetings in the ‘Get To Know You’ phase are $0 and complimentary to you.

Website and Resources: Check out our website and accompanying resources to get some background on who we are and to feel more comfortable before chatting with us: (who we specialize in working with, our services, our FAQ, etc). 

Discovery Meeting: We’ll do dive into your needs and goals, review our fee model, and explore if our services match what you’re looking for in an advisor. If we both think there’s a good fit, we’ll move on to Phase 2. 

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Phase 2: Onboarding and Financial Plan

Time to get started! We’ll work together to: gather your financial data, uncover your values and beliefs around money, and work towards creating short and long term goals. The end goal of Phase 2 is to get you a financial plan with tangible goals and the tasks needed to accomplish them. The Phase 2 fee is a one time fee of $749. The one time fee allows us to collect your financial data, complete an analysis of your current position, and discuss scenarios and possibilities. In the end, you will have a financial plan with actionable steps and recommendations. 

Getting Organized: The purpose of this meeting is to introduce you to our planning process. Before moving any further, we need to assess your current situation. This will help you get financially organized before we dive into creating your financial plan.

Explore Possibilities: It’s time to imagine what the future can hold! We will meet to understand what could be, and what the tradeoffs may entail in pursuing various alternative financial scenarios. 

Plan Delivery: Review specific recommendations and plan actions to take. Education is a core value of ours so we’ll ensure you fully understand the ‘why’ behind our recommendations and advice. 

Phase 3: Ongoing Planning

After your financial plan is drafted, we’ll iron out the best way to accomplish your goals. We will meet quarterly to review plus any ad hoc meetings as situations arise. Phase 3 consists of an ongoing $199/month fee. By paying a flat ongoing fee, you have unlimited access to a financial planner in addition to our regularly scheduled quarterly meetings. 

Quarterly Review: You will meet with us quarterly (4 times per year) to review various aspects of your financial life, as noted in our comprehensive planning page. 

Ad Hoc Meetings: When life changes, reach out to us and we’ll meet on the fly. You have unlimited access to your advisor to strategize and plan for life’s changes. 

A Quick Note About Our Pricing...

We are fee-only: This means we don’t collect referral fees, kick backs, or (here’s the big one)… COMMISSIONS! 

Why is this important? Many financial advisors are compensated (through commissions) by the products they invest your money in (or ‘sell you’ in other words). This creates an inherent conflict interest in that the advisor is financially motivated to ‘sell you more stuff’, regardless of the impact said ‘stuff’ has on your financial well being. These types of financial advisors are also called ‘brokers’ or ‘registered representatives’.

We are fiduciaries: This means we are on YOUR team. We operate in our clients (that’s you!) best interest at ALL TIMES.

Why is this important? It might seem like all financial advisors are on their client’s team, but this isn’t the case. Brokers, agents, and registered representatives often times represent the company of the products they’re selling… and NOT their clients (I would know, I used to be one of them!). Your financial advisor should represent YOU and NOT their financial products.