Financially Dealing With Death (Video)

Have you lost a loved one recently? Dealing with death is never easy and requires some planning to be done. I hope this helps you with this tough time in you life.

Stick To Your Investing Principles

Red. Lot’s of red. Every day the market is open the past few months have been filled with red numbers, down arrows, pessimism, and negativity. Feeling emotional about our investments in times like these is completely normal. You’ve worked hard for your money and to see it all trend downward is frustrating. And although frustrating, […]

Great Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Financial Advisor

You’ve decided it’s time to think about hiring a financial advisor. What do you ask to make sure they’re the right fit? Interviewing a financial advisor can be a tough endeavor. When you hire a financial advisor, you are entering into a long-term relationship with a person who will know almost everything about your financial […]

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

I grew up not knowing much about money at all. It was always a taboo topic that I never thought to bring up to either of my parents and was never discussed directly with me. Neither of my parents worked with a financial planner so I never thought needing one was necessary. I went into adulthood […]

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?

Most of the content I’m inspired to write comes from the conversations I’ve had with current and prospective clients. Whether or not they should pay off their mortgage balance is one of the most popular questions I’ve received over the past few months. I’ve learned over the years that we tend to make decisions that […]