Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Overview

It’s everyone’s favorite topic – Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs)! You have a great opportunity to participate in the success of your company by purchasing your own company’s stock at a potentially discounted price. This is a great opportunity like stock options, but much more common. Especially in larger companies. Let’s jump in and begin […]

Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

In the late 1960’s there were about 155 high income families that were paying zero federal income taxes due to a number of legal tax credits and deductions. Congress at the time thought that wasn’t fair and decided to add in an additional way to calculate your federal income tax. This new calculation resulted in […]

Restricted Stock Units (RSU) Overview

Restricted Stock come in two different forms: Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Units. This page explains the key basic concepts of RSUs. An RSU is an unfunded promise by your company to give you stock, should you meet the restrictions the stock has. This page won’t go every detail or strategy surrounding RSUs. This is […]