Planning In Times of Volatility

As of writing this, the stock market is down about 10-20% depending on the index you’re looking at. Unfortunately this happens from time to time when investing and we have little control over it. Fortunately though, we do have control over many aspects of our lives outside of the stock market. In fact, when faced […]

3 Reasons For a Financial Planning Policy Statement

Making financial decisions can be downright tough, complex, and can make us feel very emotional. Even a single decision could have an impact on multiple parts of your life. There are lots of moving parts and it seems like every decision in personal finance has a different answer depending on who you talk to. Even […]

Saving: Pre tax vs. after tax – Which one is better for you?

This is by far one of the most common decisions you will have to make when setting up a plan for saving your hard earned money. You (typically) have a choice of making current year pretax (i.e. tax deductible) savings versus making after tax savings. Pretax contributions are great because you get the tax deduction […]

Home Buying – Planning for Your First Big Purchase

Owning your own home isn’t just about creating your dream of personal space – it’s one of your largest investments and can be the foundation of your financial security.  Home buying has accelerated during COVID as more households are looking to leave the city for more suburban, rural, or smaller city living. From saving for […]

Budgeting 101: Ditch The Fancy Apps!

Background: The management of your cash flow is the single biggest determinant of your financial success. Traditionally called ‘budgeting’ in personal finance, cash flow planning is the foundation of successful financial planning and should be the starting point for planning your financial ‘now’ and future. By increasing your cash flow, you can tackle debt, stop […]

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?

Most of the content I’m inspired to write comes from the conversations I’ve had with current and prospective clients. Whether or not they should pay off their mortgage balance is one of the most popular questions I’ve received over the past few months. I’ve learned over the years that we tend to make decisions that […]