We help families achieve financial freedom

Welcome! My name’s Jeff and this is Branson Financial Planning. We help families achieve financial freedom by acting as their personal CFO. 

Families look to us when they're...

Under significant pressure from their careers and simply don’t have the time

Frustrated with their current financial state

Facing an important financial decision and need someone to collaborate and strategize with

Tired of living a life based on dreams that have no plan or roadmap to make them a reality

Embarrassed or uncomfortable to talk about money with their significant other

Curious about a second opinion on advice from another advisor or planner

Searching for guidance and leadership to help steer their financial ship

Just plain needing help

we partner with you as your personal cFO

It’s our duty as your personal CFO to make sure your life is operating successfully by advising in areas such as cash flow and debt management, equity compensation planning, college savings, employee benefits optimization, estate planning, investment planning, retirement planning, risk management, and tax planning.